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Religious Society of Friends (Quaker)
Friendship Friends Meeting

1103 New Garden Road - Greensboro, North Carolina 27410
Lloyd Lee Wilson - Clerk
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Weekly Meeting for Worship at 10:30 am each First Day. Child care available for Worship and Business Meetings.
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This week (through Sunday)

Thursday, 7 PM: Bible Study (Fifth Thursday)

Sunday, 9 AM: Worship and Ministry and Care and Counsel Committees meet

10:30 AM: Meeting for Worship

12:00 PM: Peace and Social Concerns Committee meets

Next week

Tuesday, 12:30-4:30 PM: Quiet Tuesday

Wednesday, 7:00 PM: Midweek meeting for worship; Prayer Room, 7th floor Woolman Hall, Friends Homes Guilford  

Sunday, 10:30 AM: Meeting for Worship

              Potluck Lunch

12:30 PM: Meeting for Business (and annual meeting of the Corporation)


From Lloyd Lee Wilson: Our next Bible study will be held this Thursday May 30th, at 7PM in the meeting house as usual.  We'll be looking at the closing verses of 1 Thessalonians, from 5:10 to the end of the epistle.

We will want at that time to choose our next study topic.  Suggestions include Esther (How can a book that never mentions God be in the Bible?), Judges (Get the real story behind Samson, the anti-hero who does everything wrong!), and Joel (Why did Quakers find this minor prophet so important?).  

Hope to see everyone on the 30th!

From Meeting Clerk: The annual meeting of the Corporation will take place on Sixth Month 12 --- as part of our monthly meeting for business.

From the NCYM-C Clerk: The NCYM-C registration form is now available online. All are welcome. We appreciate advanced registration in a timely manner. The deadline for advance registration is June 21st. Preliminary program and scheduled information are also available online, and more details will be added as they become available.

Note that registration is online but payment is by check. Attached to this newsletter is a PDF that you can print and distribute to anyone you know who is unable to register online and needs a paper form. A cover letter document is also attached which includes information provided on the website.

See https://www.ncymc.org/home/yearly-meeting-sessions for YM details and the registration link.


From Raleigh Bailey: A special forum on the Solar Power Now Coalition initiative will be held at Friendship Meeting on June 23rd at noon.  In response to queries from Friendship business meeting, the primary presenter will be Bill McNeil, clerk of Peace and Justice Committee at New Garden Friends and signatory to the Coalition initiative. Particular attention will focus on updates to the proposed resolution (posted in Friendship’s Google docs) and Beloved Community Center’s perspectives.

From House and Grounds: House and Grounds invites members to participate in mowing the grounds of the meeting during the summer.  A sign-up sheet is located on the stand in the entry room, near where information about Quaker organizations are. We hope volunteers can mow once during two consecutive weeks sometime during the summer. If you have not used Friendship's riding mower before, Jim Hood, Jim Fernandez, Carey Reece, or David Parsons will be happy to take you through the basics. We try to mow on Fridays or Saturdays, to make things look good on First Day, but this is not a requirement. It is also good to mow, in drier periods, just before rain comes, but again, scheduling convenience comes first.  Thank you, Friends.

From Bonnie Parsons:



Quaker House has wonderful news to share!

Many of you may remember the advocacy of Lynn and Steve Newsom, previous co-directors of Quaker House, on behalf of Josh Eisenhauer. He had a PTSD event in a high-intensity situation that escalated quickly and resulted in prison for Josh. In addition, he (and many other veterans in prison) was not getting mental health treatment or even understanding of environmental factors critical to his well being. Lynn and Steve were tireless advocates for Josh and for incarcerated veterans.

Josh was released from prison on May 1!

We are thrilled to hear this news and look forward to a much better future for him.

If you would like to send him a card of congratulations, love, and hope, please send to Josh Eisenhauer, c/o Quaker House, 223 Hillside Ave, Fayetteville, NC 28301. We will pass them along.


Quaker House would also like to share with you that 62% of its total income comes from individual donors, 34% from donations from Friends Meetings, 3% from other donations and 1% from grants.  Your support means that the work of Quaker House can continue.  




Query 1: Do we faithfully uphold our testimony for worship which is based on silent waiting, and for a free and unprogrammed ministry that may be shared by all? Is there a living silence in which we feel drawn together by the Light of Christ, the power of God in our midst; and is this inspiration carried over into our daily lives? Do we come to meeting with hearts and minds open and ready to worship in silence or in vocal ministry or prayer as the Holy Spirit leads us? Does our Meeting encourage those who may have a gift in the spoken ministry?


Don’t forget donations for First Friends Food Bank (please no boxed items such as pasta, because they attract bugs and other nasties). FEMAP would greatly appreciate donations of baby washcloths and adult toothpaste and toothbrushes, adult and baby shampoo, and hand towels.

Agenda and meeting for business reports can now be found at:  https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1POB2YD8aZMBhafJS8DEobzuHhjQf9P-q?usp=sharing  

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The meeting website is: friendshipmeeting.org.

Please send items for this electronic weekly newsletter by Tuesday afternoon to friendship.meeting@gmail.com.