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Religious Society of Friends (Quaker)
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1103 New Garden Road - Greensboro, North Carolina 27410
Susan Carlyle - Clerk
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Weekly Meeting for Worship at 10:30 am each First Day. Child care available for Worship and Business Meetings.
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Meeting/ Meeting Member Activities (all new or altered items throughout George appear in blue)

This week

Thursday, 6:30 PM: Men’s Group

Sunday, 9:00 AM: Ministry and Worship and Care and Counsel Committees meet

10:30 AM: Meeting for Worship

12:30 AM: Peace and Social Concerns Committee meets after the rise of meeting

Next week

Tuesday, 12:00 to 4:30 PM: Quiet Tuesday

Wednesday, 7:00 PM: Midweek meeting for worship; Prayer Room, 7th floor Woolman Hall, Friends Homes Guilford

Thursday, 7:00 PM: Bible Study

Sunday, 10:30 AM: Meeting for Worship

              Potluck Lunch

Meeting for Business


From Bonnie Parsons: Peace and Social Concerns will sponsor a forum featuring Quaker House’s director Kindra Bradley at the rise of meeting on March 18th.  Kindra will give us an overview of new Quaker House projects. Veggie chili and cookies will be provided.

From Gwen Gosney [clerk of NCYM(C)]: Interim Body Representatives and Monthly Meeting Clerks:

The next gathering of North Carolina Yearly Meeting (Conservative)'s Interim Body is scheduled for just over two months from now on Saturday, April 28th. Please help us prepare for our time together and invite others from your meeting to join. In addition to our regularly scheduled lunch followed by business, we will also have a morning session focusing on racial justice. See proposed schedule, location, and registration information below. If you have agenda items or requests for committee meetings, please bring these to my attention in advance by emailing ncymc.clerks@gmail.com

Schedule for Interim Body Gathering on 4/28/2018

9:00 Open for coffee, pastries, fellowship, and an opportunity to orient to the space

9:30 - 10:45 Racial Justice Session (see Advocacy Opportunities for more details and requests)

11:00 Meeting for Worship in the sanctuary

12:00 Lunch in the Fellowship Hall - Committee meetings in various rooms

1:30 Meeting for Business in the sanctuary

Location: Fayetteville, NC (hosted by Fayetteville Friends Meeting)

Because our home at Quaker House is too small to host the Interim Body, the congregation at St. Paul's in the Pines Episcopal Church has graciously agreed to share their facility with Friends! There is abundant space for worship, fellowship, food, committee meetings, outdoor spaces, and parking. Parking and building facilities are accessible for people of varying abilities. Nursery/play space for children and caregivers is available.

St. Paul's in the Pines Episcopal Church, 1800 St. Paul Avenue, Fayetteville, NC   28304

[St. Paul's is located off Ireland Avenue in Fayetteville, between St. Paul Avenue and St. Augustine Avenue. The entrance for parking is on St. Augustine Avenue.]

Online Registration Form available at https://goo.gl/forms/PKqo1v1c3VLT0ndI3

This is a free event. Registration is not required, but is greatly appreciated to help Fayetteville Friends with arrangements for lunch, childcare, and overnight hospitality if needed.

Minutes from the 10th Month Interim Body Meeting and draft agenda for our meeting in 4th Month are available through the Calendar & Current Documents link at ncymc.org.

From Susan Carlyle: Our own Christy Hopkins and her band provided music for a “The State of Things” show on WUNC that also featured Gwen Gosney talking about Quakers and slavery, as part of a larger discussion about the contemporary sanctuary movement:


The Price of Sanctuary

From Lauren Holland: Grimsley High School Orchestra is having a fund raiser to buy and refurbish instruments, since not every student can afford to buy their own instrument. We are selling plants and bulbs for peonies, lilies, bleeding hearts, and others. Please see me if you would like to place an order. All the bulbs and plants will be shipped to Greensboro at the right time for planting. Thanks for your help!

From Bonnie Parsons: This Evil Thing" is a one-man play on tour from England about the experiences of a WWI conscientious objector. The play is written and performed by Michael Mears and has received excellent reviews. Please RSVP for March 16th at Sternberger Auditorium through Eventbrite

 (https://www.eventbrite.com/signin/?referrer=%2Fpublish%3Fcrumb%3Dafa2daff31dc52%26eid%3D42575042097 ) 

for your free ticket so QH can keep track of anticipated attendance numbers. You can also email Quaker House at qpr@quaker.org) or call (910-323-3912). Quaker House will be accepting donations at the door.

Also, Quaker House attended the listening session of the National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service in Harrisburg, PA, on February 23rd. This commission is tasked with updating the Selective Service, draft, and public service requirements for all young adults in the United States. You can comment through the web site, inspire2serve.gov. Click on the “Share Your Thoughts” tab. Please make your voice heard! Quaker House will be sharing more about this Commission and the listening session in its upcoming newsletter.

From Judy Williams: The Piedmont Friends Fellowship and Yearly Meeting Spring Retreat will be held on March 31st and April 1st at Carolina Friends School. The program will include activities for adults and young adults on Alternatives to Violence and Conscientious Objection, as well as a program for children. Save the date and see the flyer posted in the meetinghouse.

From Bonnie Parsons: Quaker House has been asked to present the Quaker House Conscientious Objector workshop at PFF (Piedmont Friends Fellowship) on Saturday, March 31st from 11:00 - 12:15.  They hope that during the last 30 minutes, young Quakers (teens or young adults)  who have written CO letters for their meeting can participate in a panel discussion. If any young adult or teen from Friendship Meeting has written such a letter, please contact Kindra Bradley (kindr424@gmail.com). If such a letter has not yet been written, teens or young adults may wish to attend the CO workshop to prepare to compose a letter. A brief description of the workshop appears below. 

Selective Service registration, conscientious objection claims, and the Quaker peace testimony continue to be largely hidden and neglected in our national discourse.  Although our government tries to make this type of registration difficult, this workshop will help teens, adults, and meetings be better informed and inspired to think about, nurture, articulate, and document a claim for conscientious objection when our teens, both men and women, turn 18 years old. The workshop will give plenty of handouts for in-depth reference as well as a panel of teens to react and contribute to this narrative.

The Durham Friends Meeting newsletter is attached to this email.


Query 3: Do we follow the teachings of Jesus and seek the inspiration of His Holy Spirit in our daily lives? Are love and unity maintained among us? Do we cultivate a forgiving spirit, and do we  avoid and discourage needless and destructive criticism of others? When differences arise, do we endeavor promptly to resolve them in a spirit of love, honesty, and humility?


Don’t forget donations for First Friends Food Bank (please no boxed items such as pasta, because they attract bugs and other nasties). FEMAP would greatly appreciate donations of baby washcloths and adult toothpaste and toothbrushes, adult and baby shampoo, and hand towels.

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