• This week (through Sunday)

    Sunday, 10:30 AM: Meeting for Worship

    Next week

    Tuesday: NO Quiet Tuesday

    Wednesday, 7:00 PM: Midweek meeting for worship; Prayer Room, 7th floor Woolman Hall, Friends Homes Guilford

    Sunday, 10:30 AM: Meeting for Worship (Note: Care & Counsel and Worship and Ministry Committees will meet jointly on January 18th)

    12:00 PM: Peace and Social Concerns Committee meets


    Save the dates:

    ·       January 10-12: Friendship Meeting hosts School of the Spirit Board Meeting (details below)

    From Judy Purvis: At the November meeting for business, Friends agreed to host the School of the Spirit board meeting January 10th to 12th. It would be very helpful if I could hear from people who would be willing to host the participants. I need beds-and-breakfasts for 5 people. Please let me know ASAP if you would be willing to be a host. Thanks! Closer to the time, I will also ask for volunteers to set up and clean up lunches and dinners.

    From Worship and Ministry: We are pleased at the response to the Quaker Q&A sessions and hope that more Friends will plan to attend. We have decided to continue them into the new year.


    Query #7: Do we endeavor to live in the life and power that takes away the occasion of all war, seeking to do our part in the work of reconciliation between individuals, groups, and nations? Do we faithfully maintain our testimony against nuclear and all other military preparations, the bearing of arms?


    FEMAP, a Friends non-profit in High Point, would greatly appreciate donations of shaving cream and foot powder. Please place them in the collection box at the meeting house. Thank you!

    Don’t forget donations for First Friends Food Bank (please no boxed items such as pasta, because they attract bugs and other nasties).